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Are You Understood?

Do you look at the ultra successful entrepreneurs giving advice and simply feel a big disconnect? It all sounds great, but you intuitively understand that the person has forgotten what it means to be a beginner. After spending 20-30 years in the business world, they simply live in a different reality than you and me.

On the other hand, you see jerkoffs who don’t provide undeniable track records of their own success, and their history is murky at best. Everything revolves around this self-improvement mental masturbation, but there is nothing concrete they themselves are doing, since they are too busy selling you courses, selling you the dream.

This channel and website have a mission to address exactly that. I am a normal dude, just like you, who decided to go all in on life and never turn back. You will find concrete experiences and learned lessons as I go on this journey. The highs and the lows. You will see an authentic and honest approach to entrepreneurial challenges.

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