The Pillars of the Best Change of My Life (And How You Can Use Them Too)

Buckle up for what I’m about to share. In my last week’s blog post, I dove into how I completely transformed my life this year around mid-March. I also made a promise to tell you more about the DAILY GROWTH project that’s consumed my last five months. Here’s one more thing: get ready for a map of the core ideas and lessons I’ve gathered during this time.

Oh, by the way, I cranked out an extra post last week, which means I superseded my original plan of one post per week (yes, it’s important to also celebrate the small wins).

The Project

To give you a bit of background: mid-march 2023 I went on a crazy work frenzy. From one day to the next, I started hammering out 15-hour workdays, not taking a single day off for five months (and yes, I’m damn proud of that). I not only built the DAILY GROWTH brand, but also the software platform which will support the channel’s operations:

  • the app is able to fetch data from the internet, validate it in accordance to the channel’s brand identity, and clean and structure all data into the  database
  • create different content formats and types
  • create the actual post (media like videos and images, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, hashtags, etc)
  • schedule the posts in accordance with the content strategy for each social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook)
  • pushes everything out to each platform

As you can see the operations in this sense encompass everything. This platform supports a full pipeline to maintain a whole social media brand.

You might ask yourself why I needed an app for this. Sure, I could’ve done everything by hand and saved myself five months worth of time. Problem is, I wouldn’t be able to create and maintain multiple channels (think tens of them) as a single guy behind a computer who is also full-time employed. DAILY GROWTH is my first channel and my baby. I will use the app for DAILY GROWTH for a while to figure everything out and finetune all aspects that I didn’t think of (which there always are some). Over time there will be more and more personal content on all platforms where I talk about entrepreneurship and document everything I do. Successes and failures. 

How It All Begun

This whole story started “over night” but only after thousands of wasted nights have passed beforehand. Now I am slaying, but just five months ago I didn’t do shit. I did, though, but only half-heartedly. I tried a lot of things, but all of this was in a sense just dipping the toes, rather than jumping in head first. I was just living the mundane life. Then I switched gears, put a fucking brick on the accelerator, and cranked that nitrous oxide sucker to the max.

The catalyst? Urgency. And that brings me to the first insight.

A Desire Without A Sense Of Urgency Means Nothing

Read that again. It is that important. Let’s do an experiment. Imagine your biggest, most intense desire/dream which you absolutely must manifest before you die, or you would regret living your life. Let’s also define the necessary time to achieve this dream as one year. Now, let us assume two scenarios:

  • Scenario A: you know for sure that you will live for the next 10 000 years
  • Scenario B: you know that you got 10 more years left

Feeling squirmy in the second scenario, with an urge to jump into action…right fucking now? That’s the math kicking in. You have at most 9 years to enjoy your dream. In scenario A, you think “Oh, I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll start next week.”

This is what’s fucking you up. The skewed perception that you have plenty of time. You live your life thinking that you will be here for a loooong time. You won’t. I will get back to this with a funny story of how I got bitch-slapped out of this deadly delusion.

Single-Minded Focus

You’ve got to be flat-out obsessed, There simply is no way around it. As Mr. Goggins said:

“To be the best in the world at what you do, you have to be unbalanced – to find every bit of strength to pull it off.”

Goosebumps. This is what it will take you to arrive. And the bigger the dream, the more obsessed you will have to be. I have leveraged this mindset in the last five months to an incredible advantage. I have, quite literally, worked and slept. That’s it. No hangouts, no coffees, no movies, no motherfucking anything. And I managed to switch  into this modus operandi in a single day. How? Urgency, my friend. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that I am still on the roll. I will share with you how I have managed to do this in a separate post.

It’s Boring As Fuck

That’s right. You wouldn’t believe how mundane this project was on a day-to-day basis. This is one thing that surprised me the most.I expected difficulty, work overload, setbacks, anxiety, and uncertainty, but certainly not boredom. I thought at least it would be exciting. Don’t get me wrong – it was more exciting than anything I’ve done in a long time, but most day-to-day shit was just boring. Weird, right? This is the secret sauce, though. We will discuss this in detail along with the concept I call TBF-tasks.

What’s Next

For the next three posts, you will get to find out all the whys and hows on the three topics above. I will elaborate on each one in-depth with personal stories, and you will get an actionable list of things you can apply and mindsets which will keep you going on.

There are so many more topics on which I want to write, but It would simply be too lengthy.
Here is a sneak peak:

  1. Speed
  2. Momentum
  3. Consistency
  4. The almighty pen and paper
  5. Repeating  the same old points until you’re called annoying (and why it’s crucial) 
  6. The power of naïve optimism
  7. The value of doing and learning new things
  8. First time vs. second time (speed curve)
  9. An honest look at the reality of work volume required 
  10. How motivation works (motivation curves)
  11. What you believe you deserve and what you believe you can 
  12. Taking action
  13. Remember (and repeat) spontaneous whispers of wisdom
  14. Setting measurable goals
  15. Why having a plan (although it will most likely be shitty) matters
  16. Having a choice is an illusion

Until next time,

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